Our Approach

At Peachtree Investment Partners, LLC, we have a singular focus: creating and managing custom portfolios designed to provide superior performance over the long term. We don’t simply put you into a one-size-fits-all fund. Instead, we meet with you and build your portfolio based on your family and financial situation, your goals and objectives, and your feelings about risk. Then we continue to manage your portfolio, with your input.

We believe that successful investing is both simpler and more complicated than many people think. It is simpler because there is no secret formula that you can apply to ensure success; all that matters is building a strong portfolio and managing it well.

And it is more complicated because, without a secret formula, you have to do a lot of homework on individual companies, on markets and on your own goals and concerns. We understand this, and we are prepared to do that work on your behalf.

It is also important to note what we do not do. We are not financial planners, business consultants, accountants or estate planners. If you are interested in those services, we can recommend exceptional firms to help you. But our only goal is to work with you to develop an investing approach that meets your specific needs.

We build client portfolios by choosing quality companies and then actively monitoring those companies, striving for consistent returns that beat the market without creating excessive volatility. Our primary consideration is preservation of capital.

We develop portfolios for the long-term, evaluating both a company’s performance over time and the expectation of continued performance going forward. We also look for companies that we believe are poised for an up-turn because of events such as new management, new products or changes in their financial situation.

We usually prefer to invest in U.S.-based companies, although we do have some international exposure. But in general, we believe that U.S. markets are more vital, more transparent and less vulnerable than the markets of many other countries.

Overall, our portfolios are diversified, although we can concentrate in a specific sector that we feel is experiencing good growth. We also can hold a large percentage of the portfolio in cash, if market conditions call for it.

Finally, we are sensitive to your specific tax situation, because we know you want to keep as much of your money as you can.

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