January 2024

An Investment Strategy For Whatever 2024 Brings

Happy New Year!

Flipping the calendar to a new year can cause us to reflect on the year that has just ended, but also to look toward the year to come. And 2024 gives us a lot to think about.

There is horrible suffering in many parts of the world. The Oct. 7 Hamas attack on Israel has led to a conflict that threatens to involve the whole region and has no end in sight. Ukraine continues its efforts to remain free from Russia at a huge cost in human life. Migrants enter the United States in overwhelming numbers as they flee persecution in other countries.

It also is an election year, which usually increases uncertainty. We don’t know what candidates will emerge victorious and what changes the victors might try to make – or how those changes might affect markets.

On the other hand, the economy has mostly recovered from the pandemic and is growing – adding jobs, curbing inflation, making investors feel more confident. The market largely reflects that reality. Of course, experience tells us that this is no guarantee that the good news will continue.

So what is an investor to do? At Peachtree Investment Partners, we have always believed in a considered approach that aims to lessen risk no matter what happens. We start by working with you to understand your goals, your needs and your expectations. We believe the best way to serve our clients is by focusing on the stocks of large, established American companies that are well-positioned in their industries and have a tradition of strong and experienced leadership. We look for companies with a consistently good return on investment and a long history of revenue and earnings growth. We choose companies that have weathered many cycles of change – economic, political and social – and that have avoided most of the market’s extreme highs and lows.

We also believe strongly in stocks that pay dividends. Dividends suggest that a company has a strong cash flow from which to pay those dividends. Dividends also provide a shield against market volatility because all your return does not come from an increase in the stock price. Finally, choosing to reinvest your dividends can help to grow your portfolio significantly over time.

Of course, there are no guarantees in investing. But our experience over many market cycles has shown us that this approach may help maximize long-term returns while minimizing volatility – and may let you sleep better at night.

We are happy to talk with you at any time about your investments, your concerns and your plans. Just give us a call. Garry can be reached at (404) 226-2728, and Courtney can be reached at (404) 403-9079.

Garry K. Schaefer
Courtney S. Deveau

January 23, 2024

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