October 2016

Here's Something You Can Do Something About

The markets continue to be stuck in the sort of holding pattern in which they have been stuck for months. They go up and down, but for the most part they are within a fairly small range, and they have been unable to sustain a good run.

There are many possible reasons for this – the world economy, P/E ratios, geopolitical concerns, skittishness about the U.S. presidential election. Whatever the reasons, these are unsettled times, and not just in the markets. Many investors are spending a lot of time worrying about things over which they have no control.

The message of the last Peachtree Quarterly still applies: This kind of worry doesn’t accomplish much except keep you from sleeping well at night. In terms of your investment portfolio, we continue to suggest the same course of action that we suggest in good times and in bad. We believe in buying stocks of well-run, financially stable companies that pay a dividend.

While we don’t recommend worrying about things you can’t control, we also don’t recommend ignoring what’s going on around you. And this fall there is something happening over which you can exercise some control. On November 8, Americans will elect a president and vice president, as well as national, state and local officials from congressman to governor to dog catcher. Your vote is critical to this process.

Americans exercise their right to vote at a level that is much lower than that in many other countries. In 2012, for example, only 53.6 percent of voting age Americans actually went to the polls, according to the Pew Research Center. That was 84.3 percent of registered voters, but that data shows how many people never even bother to register to vote. And 2012 was a presidential election year, which usually has higher turnout than non-presidential election years.

There is a lot of talk this year about the fact the two major party candidates for president are the two least popular people ever to face off for the office. However, one of those people is going to be president and lead this nation for at least the next four years. So vote – all up and down the ticket – for the candidate you think will do the best job.

If you don't register and vote, you decline the opportunity to have a voice in how your government at every level is run. And that is giving up a lot.

Garry K. Schaefer
Atlanta, Georgia
October 25, 2016

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